Saturday 25 December 2010

FujiFilm HS-10 - Related Posts Index

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Just thought I would put links to all the FujiFilm HS-10 posts in an index post. This is one of the cameras which I use currently. It seems to get more use than my others, hence so many posts about it.

On different photography forums, I get a lot of requests for information about the HS-10 and it is easier if there is one page which links to all the posts.

Note : Clicking on any title will take you to that post

Settings And Tests :
  1. How To Set
  2. Sharpen Up
  3. Exposure Metering
  4. Low Light, High Contrast
  5. Using AF Area
  6. More Macro
  7. Zoom Bracketing
  8. FujiFilm Raw File Converter
  9. Spot Focus Area
  10. 2 X Teleconverter Test
  11. Wide To Tele
  12. Raw Converters Compared
  13. Full Zoom (720 mm) 
  14. Full Wide (24 mm) 
  15. Using The RFC EX To Convert/Process HS-10 Raw Files 

Posts with FujiFilm HS-10 Images :
  1. FujiFilm HS-10
  2. Fishing Village
  3. Flowers And Stuff
  4. Early Out
  5. Landscape
  6. Squid 
  7. Out And About 
  8. Cruisin' 
  9. Discovery 
  10. Out Again 
  11. Nowhere Naturally 
  12. Slice Of Life 
  13. Endless Search 
  14. Odds And Sods 
  15. Rice And Stuff 
  16. More Landscape 
  17. Wacky Colour 
  18. The Sunny Side 
  19. Sugar Sugar 
  20. Round About 
  21. More Squid 
  22. Coconut Grove 
  23. Fishing Boats 
  24. Warts And All 
  25. Skyhooks 
  26. Coconut Husking
  27. Down South Again 
  28. The Sky Is Falling 
  29. 16 to 9 
  30. Wash Me 
  31. Grassy Stuff 
  32. Flowers 
  33. After Dark
  34. Lotus 
  35. A Few Flowers 
  36. Rope and Stuff 
  37. Who Needs A Machine ? 
  38. Up On A High Wire 
  39. Changing Ways 
  40. Pineapple Harvest 
  41. Abandoned 
  42. Boats, And Stuff 




  1. Very good shoots. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. HS10 looks like a very good camera!

    Rosandy (Indonesia-Batam Island)

  2. Rosandy, Hi.
    I am glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers, Dave.

  3. The colour, contrast and sharpness of the photos from the Fujifilm HS-10 is excellent.
    I know there is some post processing involved to get the results but that is same for DSLR. Why are people spending thousands
    of dollars are DSLR when this camera will meet most of their needs?
    I have a Nikon D200 and I was going to buy a Nikon D7000 but I am going to save my money and buy the new Fujifilm HS-20.
    I am older and I do not want to carry a camera backpack anymore. I already have a Panasonic LX-3 and the Fujifillm HS-20 will cover the rest of the lens range. The video is a bonus. For $500 a person cannot go wrong.

  4. Hi.

    I think the HS-20 EXR will be quite a good package. I'm certainly looking forward to trying one out.


  5. I was very impressed by the thoroughness of your comparison of the RAW converters. Most helpful, thank you.

    David Smith

  6. David, Hi.

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad you found it helpful.


  7. Hi Dave, Really nice posts.
    I too am a proud owner of HS-10 and really happy wiht its performance.
    Adding a link to my pictures -

  8. Vinumon, Hi.

    Thank you.

    Glad you enjoy it. You have some great images there. Love the shoes with the red laces and the little girl on your profile cover.

    Cheers.'ll have a look

  9. Dave whether I buy a HS10 or not, I think you have mastered this camera to its full potential thanks for sharing.

  10. Gary, Hi.

    Thank you for your comment.

    It really is very good for what it is. The main thing which surprises me is that the lens is sharp through the range. It certainly is a versatile and fun camera.


  11. hello dave.....this is sachin 4m india....i am planning to take a hybrid camera...and i have short listed a few cameras like the nikon p500,p100....fujifilm hs22,canon sx30is.....among these i found hs22 as the best goin through the specifications.....but when i contacted professionals they never recommended i would like to hear from you that is it worth investing on fujifilm hs-22...going through your blog i would definetly...but wats your take...i am in dilemma...and is the telephoto convertor applicable to hs22??...hope you come back to me....

  12. Sachin, Hi.

    I am very happy with my HS-10. A friend has the HS-10 and the SX 30 is and feels the HS-10 is a better all-round camera. I have no experience with the Nikon cameras, so I cannot comment on those.

    The HS-20 EXR is not available yet but some sample images are starting to appear. From what I have already seen, they look quite good.

    So, to answer your question - It's difficult to give a recommendation relying solely upon marketing information and on a few sample images. I hope to get an opportunity to shoot some images with one in a couple of weeks.

    Overall, the marriage of the HS-10 lens and an EXR sensor should prove a winning combination. I certainly hope so.


  13. since hs20 s an upgrade of hs-10....i hope it does well....well thanks for your much appreciated comments....hs-20 will be available in india in april this year...and according to the dealer its worth investing....but the camera is powered by 4aa batteries...isnt it a problem as aginst the lithium batteries offered by the rest of the hybrids???
    and is it possible to use teleconverter lenses in your camera???....if yes how do you use it...i am an amatuer in the pls dont mind....some questions may look silly..:(

  14. Sachin, Hi.

    If you look in the tests section above, you will see that I did a test with a teleconverter on the HS-10. The HS-20 will also take a teleconverter.

    I use Panasonic eVolta batteries and get 450-500 images per set. You can also use rechargeable batteries.


  15. oh k....thanks a lot for the info u provided...hope i vl b a proud owner of hs22 nxt month

  16. Hi Dave, thanks for all your useful information on setting up the HS10. One area I cannot find much information on the IS modes. I think I understand the sensor shift mode (and 2 appears best) but what does the digital (+D) do? should it be used? pros / cons? I just cannot find any details on this.

  17. Richard, Hi.

    Sorry but I really don't know either and simply use the number 2 mode. I find that works very well.


  18. Thanks Dave - I'll pop a query on dpreview.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hello - Amazing photos on your Flickr in beautiful colours !
    I have no Fujicamera yet , but now realised what you can do with it , think I go for a HS10 on monday . Maybe the HS20 perform better in low light , but with the price you pay for the HS10 now a days that will do it for me for a start . And then it`s good to have your block to come back to when info is needed and also interesting to read about the HS20 and the F550exr , so thanx for a usefull block !

  21. Lennart, Hi.

    Many thanks for your comment. I think you would enjoy the HS-10.


  22. Hi Dave. I didn't have enough money to buy HS10 in 2010 so I just bought it this week. After reading some forum saying its problem, I upgraded its firmware to 1.04 right away. But now my HS10 can't use rechargeable NiMH batteries. I've tried Sanyo Eneloops and VXtra 2600 (Taiwan battery). My HS10 takes them as empty although they are fully charged (shown in charger's LCD indicator).

    Do you have any solutions?

    Or, do you have any older firmware (1.03 or 1.02 maybe) ? since I can't find it anywhere on internet.


  23. Ruki, Hi

    I'm sorry but I no longer have the HS10 - Have an HS30 now - And I never tried rechargables. There is a menu setting where you have to set in the menu to tell it that it is using rechargables - Page 107.

    No, I don't have the old firmware.

    Good luck with it all and I hope you get to enjoy it.


    1. Thank you Dave. I have tried the setting in page 107, factory reset, etc. The problem is solved for the people here:
      but not for me.

      Thanks anyway Dave! You've shared useful stuff!