Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Coconut Husking

You might remember my series the other day about Coconuts. If not, you can look here

What I didn't really get then, which I wanted, was a sequence on how they take the husks off.

I was fortunate today as I came across another location with a lady working hard at husking the Coconuts.

The light here is very bright at this time of year. As it has been very windy the last several days, the air is also remarkably clear.

When they do this work, they work under an umbrella. This means that, at the present, the contrast levels are difficult to manage. You either get a light work area with a blown out background, or a dark work area with a 'managed' background.

I was also fortunate that there was a small amount of sunlight poking through the umbrella and also right where the Coconuts were being worked on.

These are not necessarily in exact order, but I'm sure you'll get the picture.




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