Friday, 4 February 2011

PP Tips 18 - Editing With SilkyPix DS Pro

This is part of a 'How To' series on post process work.

I first came across SilkyPix products back in April, 2010. Since then I have used them quite extensively and I am impressed.

I am a Photoshop user for more than a dozen years and it is hard to get me to shift camps. Still, after doing hundreds of edits with SilkyPix products, I think it has the edge for 'initial edit' purposes. Be that for Jpeg or Raw images.

Anyway, I have made a very quick overview of an image edit. As it will be difficult to see the images here, I have created a PDF file which can be downloaded here

Please download and, above all, enjoy.

For reference, here is the original 'as-shot' image followed by the image edited in SilkyPix DS Pro.

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