Friday 15 July 2011

EyeMindSoul Photography Forum

A while back, some friends and I started a photography forum and, whilst it currently only has several dozen members, it is growing steadily.

Why a new forum ? Well, the main idea was to have a forum which was more photography centric, than equipment centric. Also a forum, which had as it's founding premise, an attitude of being (and remaining) a friendly and informative venue.

Membership is by application and if you would like to join in, then please follow the link here



Saturday 9 July 2011

End Of An Era

Well, as they say, it was fun while it lasted.

Late last month I closed my gallery and dismantled the business. I thought it would take a couple of weeks to close it all down and move out, it took all of five.

Amazing what stuff you collect over the years !!

Anyway, after eight years of galleries, shops, etc., it was time for a change.

That is definitely the one constant in life - Change.

Just a short pictorial history :

The first gallery in Bangkok, which also doubled as a studio.

A little later on we also opened shops at the Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Bangkok. This proved to be a great sales outlet.

In early 2006, we closed all the Bangkok outlets and moved to Hua Hin.

We found a shop-house in the main night market street which would be suitable for a small gallery. Having street access, when the night market was open, was a major consideration.

The gallery when we took possession of it.

Over time it went through several cosmetic changes. These are in chronological order.

When it first opened.

A travel documentary film crew shooting a series.

Looking in from the street access.

The final configuration of the gallery.

And, sadly, empty walls as we closed it down.

Over the years, many exhibitions were also held in a variety of venues.

And, finally, who could forget the many wonderful folk, from so many different countries, who bought the images. I wish I could show them all but space does not permit.

However, thank you to all as it was a very memorable and enjoyable experience.