Thursday 27 January 2011

Sugar Sugar

Came across a field of sugar cane being harvested today. I thought there were only a couple of workers there but, after wandering around for a bit, I soon realised there were dozens.

I was surprised how tall it is also. From the road it looked about six feet high. Soon realised it was much taller than that. Probably more like eight or nine feet high.




The Sunny Side

Out and about today and came across a field of Sunflowers. Most were well past their prime but I found a few good ones.



Monday 24 January 2011

Wacky Colour

One of the many things I like about Thailand is the abundance of colour. Whether it be temples, shops, houses, often the scene is very colourful.

Often when I am out and about, I come across buildings which are painted in almost outlandish colours.

A few days back I headed South and came across these three in my travels. Had to stop and take a pic.



Thursday 13 January 2011

HS-10 (HS-20 EXR) Lens At Full Wide

This post is in a similar vein to my prior post :

HS-10 (HS-20 EXR) At Full Zoom

My last post showed some image examples at full 30 X zoom (720 mm). On the opposite side of the coin, here are some examples shot at full wide - 24 mm.

Whilst these are from the HS-10, the lens is shared with it's newer replacement, the HS-20 EXR. It has a completely different sensor though.

These were all shot as Jpeg, have all been sharpened and have had some degree of editing. Most were shot between ISO 100 and 400. One was shot at ISO 800 and I will note that as it appears. All the images are simply in chronological order.

Note : Clicking on any image will take you to a larger size. The Exif information is available at the larger size

The following image was shot at ISO 800.

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