Friday, 8 October 2010

FujiFilm HS-10 - Sharpen Up Too

As a follow on to the images I shot yesterday, I did a comparison set of images this morning.

These were shot as Jpeg, ISO 200, DR 200%, Chrome, - 0.33 EV and with settings of Sharpness - Soft, then Medium and Hard.

Below is the set of images and in the order (descending) Soft, Medium, Hard. The second set of images is the same as the first but with the addition of my own Photoshop sharpening action.

No other post process work of any kind has been done to the images.

Why this scene ? The reason is that I know from prior experience, that foreground smearing can appear in such a scene when shooting Jpeg.

Click on the images for large sizes. Feel free to download and pixel peep.

Same as above but with my own PhotoShop sharpening action applied.

I was also asked about how Tone settings affect the image IQ. Well, below is a comparison shot with the same settings as above, but with Sharpness set to Hard and Tone settings varied, in (descending) order, Hard, Medium, Soft.



  1. Dave,

    Interesting test. Would you say these results had any influence on your strategy for "How to set HS10" post? Would you happen to recall the focal length these samples were shot at?



  2. Kevin, Hi.

    These were shot after I heard the suggestion about shooting with different settings, and these were all shot at full wide.

    Since then, I have also changed my AF mode to AF Tracking. I don't use the four way controller to initiate the focus point though. I simply half-press. Works very well and I feel that it focuses faster and more accurately.


  3. Good deal. Yes, I had read your comments on using the tracking AF - I shall definitely give that a try.

    I'm really beginning to dig through your blog here. I'm certainly finding some interesting information and I would like to congratulate you on your efforts and the services you are providing ... you certainly have my appreciation.

    On another note, I certainly hope Fuji is sending you a monthly royalty dividend for your efforts with the HS10. I've had mine for just shy of a month now and I won't deny that I was terribly frustrated in the beginning. The information you have provided on this site certainly made a difference in my approach to using the camera and likely saved the camera from a meeting of fate with a large hammer :)

    Hopefully you'll tolerate questions from me on an array of topics!

    Best regards from North Carolina ~


  4. Kevin, Hi.

    Don't mind the questions at all, and thank you kindly for your comments.

    Monthly dividend ? No, it's just that I enjoy photography, Fuji's are my current cameras, and when I started out in the late '70's, one person, in particular, helped me immensely.

    So, I try to help where I can.

    By the way, I leave AF Tracking on exclusively now.


  5. Dave,

    You suggest the `chrome` colour setting. This seems kinda weird!! I will give it a try today though.

    Can you tell us what your definitive HS10 settings are finally...?

    As above:huge thanks for your experienced advice.



  6. Art, Hi.

    Have a look at my 'How To Set' post. At top right of the blog. you will see a link to HS10 Related Posts. It is the first link on that index.


  7. Hello Dave,

    I`m getting what seem to be slightly sharper images using your settings changes (tone & sharpness:hard / colour:chrome)

    Another thankyou for your efforts. Much appreciated as I was also considering taking a blunt instrument to this most frustrating of cameras after poor results.

    See my Flickr images if you are interested:



  8. Art, Hi.

    Glad to hear you are seeing some improvement.

    You've got some very creative pieces on your Flickr site. Love that first self portrait. Very dark but it works.

    Gullivers Travels, Visions, Steps and Lamps, Sham Castle and Urban Forest are others I really like.