Wednesday, 27 October 2010

PP Tips 9 - Bag That

This is part of a 'How To' series on post process work.

This is a fairly straightforward example of how to remove 'bags' from under people's eyes.

The image I have used here was taken at a birthday party of one of my friends. She asked me for a copy of the image, and before giving it to her, I performed a little eye surgery using Photoshop.

This is a simple technique and there is no need to be totally accurate. More about that later.

Note : I am only showing a 100% crop of the image here. Just the eyes

So, you can turn this, left, to this, right.

How to do it.

Image 1
The original image.

Image 2
Here I have selected the Patch Tool.

Image 3
Using the Patch Tool, I have drawn around the area which I wish to correct. No need to be totally precise. Good idea to try and avoid eyelashes though.

Note : For first time use, right click on the area selected and make sure that the tool is set to 'Use Patch As Source'

Image 4
Having selected my repair area, I now simply drag the 'patch' to an area of skin which has some uniformity of colour and detail to it.

Image 5
I have not shown the complete step here, but immediately after moving the patch, I selected - Edit/Fade Patch Selection and then adjusted the Opacity to 65%. It is best to experiment with the Opacity, but usually between 55 and 75% is about correct.

Once this is done, the exact same procedure is repeated for the other eye. Here, I am showing the Opacity slider which appears after selecting - Edit/Fade Patch Selection. My adjustment is 65%.

Note : The fade tool must be selected immediately after any step. If not, it will be 'grayed out'

That's it. Done.

Original (left), repaired (right).

Once the steps are completed, save your image. Remember, always use 'Save As' and give the image a unique name, distinct from your original.

I simply used DSCF8345 (original file name) and added a '1' at the end so I know it is my first edit iteration.


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