Thursday, 7 October 2010

FujiFilm HS-10 - Sharpen Up

On the DPReview FujiFilm Talk forum, someone made a comment about setting Tone to high, and also Sharpness to high for Jpeg shooting. Now, this is not something I would normally do, but I thought I would try it.

The main reason I wanted to try it was that samples he posted seemed to have not only more sharpness, but also seemed to lack the 'smearing' in areas which I would normally expect from the in-camera selective NR routine.

Anyway, a few I took very early this morning. Light was what I would call quite 'dirty'. Meaning that it was very early, very overcast and contrast was very low.

Settings used were ISO 400 (Auto), DR 200%, Chrome, - 0.33 EV, Color-Mid, Tone-High, Sharpness-High.

These have been edited, in that sharpness has been added and some levels adjustment has been made. However, no NR has been applied and no colour has been altered.

Yeah, I have a 'rope' thing.



  1. Dave, I like the look of these with the Tone and Sharpness set to Hard. Please post some tests with different Tone settings.

    Thanks, raj

  2. Raj, 'tis done. See the next entry and also on DPR in my original post.