Monday, 10 January 2011

More Old Ozzie Pix

Been digging through many of my old images for Panoramio, and came across these.

Most were taken around 1997. They are older scans and older edits. I have patched them up as best I can though. Unfortunately, the originals are in Ozzieland so no chance to rescan them.


The walk into Kings Canyon, NT

Road to Kata Tjuta (Olgas), NT

Desert highway, near Broken Hill, NSW

A cattle grid, as commonly found across outback roads. These are designed to stop cattle crossing into the adjacent paddocks. Near Broken Hill, NSW

The next three are of the sand formations at Lake Mungo, NSW

The Devils Marbles, NT

My beloved 'Disco' at the road junction for Quilpie and Windorah, QLD

Perry sand hills, NSW




  1. Great shots Dave. Two questions:
    - did you use a polarizing filter to get the great contrast with the clouds.
    - what does the "GRID" sign mean?

  2. Kevin, Hi.

    Yes, polariser was on for all these. I've now put a picture of a grid with an explanation just below the 'Grid' sign image.


  3. Thanks for the explanation we call them "grates" in my part of the world.

  4. Kevin, Hi.

    In many parts of Australia they are also called grates. Maybe they just wanted to economise on lettering for the sign :<)