Monday, 10 January 2011

FujiFilm F200 EXR - Velvia On Velvia

Went for a walk the other night and I was playing around with shooting my F200 EXR at ISO 1600 (Auto) and using Velvia film simulation. This was in P Mode, M Fine, DR 200% and minus 0.33 EV. Pretty much my normal settings except for the ISO 1600 and Velvia parts.

As I was processing them, I decided to apply a small amount of exposure and noise adjustment in ACR and, once opened in Photoshop, I used a Curve adjustment to apply a 'Velvia' curve. Once that was done, I applied my normal sharpening routine. With some I also used 'Despeckle' on parts of the image for some localised noise control.

I did not write the Velvia curve preset, but downloaded it from where it is available on another site. It is here. Have a look at the bottom of the page. There are also presets available for Provia and Portra. Details about the sharpening action are here

Anyway, this is what I came out with. Simply in chronological order. The ISO's range from ISO 200 to 1600 with a little over half shot at ISO 1600.


Since posting this, I have adopted a different approach to the noise reduction routine. Rather than reposting them all, I'll shoot some new ones and do a walk-through of the edit process when I post them.

However, here is just the last one re-done.



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