Monday 29 November 2010

Post Processing Tips Index

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This page simply serves as an index to a collection of tips about post processing. There is a link at the bottom of each post which will bring you back to this index page.

It is divided into two sections. The first section deals with tips which are Photoshop specific, the second with tips for stand alone programs.

Section One - Photoshop/Lightroom

1. Preserving Highlights - Click here
  • How to use the Color Range tool to inversely select, and preserve highlight areas, whilst doing any post process work in Photoshop.
2. Not Using Layers - Click here
  • This is about ways to do post process work in Photoshop, without using 'layers' yet still have control over the intensity of some of the straight forward adjustments.
4. Simple Sharpener - Click here
  • Using a purpose written Photoshop action to sharpen an image.
5. 'Pop' - Click here
  • Adding 'pop' to an image. A simple way to enhance the colour of an image without accentuating noise.
6. Using Layers - Click here
  • This post is Photoshop specific, and it is only a basic, and very simple, explanation about layers, and how/when to use them.
7. Editing Jpeg's In Raw - Click here
  • How to setup Photoshop so that you can use the editing functions found in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to edit Jpeg images also.
8. Straighten Up - Click here
  • Two techniques, in Photoshop, which can be used to straighten the horizon.
9. Bag That - Click here
  • Using the Patch Tool to remove 'bags' under eyes.
11. 'Pop' Too - Click here
  • This is an alternative method for giving an image a little colour lift, in Photoshop, and without introducing noise.
13. Resizing An Image - Up - Click here
  • Simple overview of resizing (upsizing) an image in Photoshop.
14. Removing Chromatic Aberration (Photoshop and DxO) - Click here
  • Removing CA using Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw, or using DxO Optics Pro. Also using a purple fringe (PF) removing action for Photoshop.
17. Paint It Black - Click here
  • Using the Vivid Light brush tool to lighten, darken, or add localised contrast to an image.
      21. Using A Provia Curve And Sharpening Action - Click here
      • A Photoshop action which applies Provia film simulation and sharpening.
      23. Simple Photoshop Black And White Technique - Click here
      • A technique for converting colour images to black and white.
      24. Using Masks In Photoshop - Click here
      • Some different techniques for creating 'nasks' and using eit tools with them.
        25. Using Adobe Lightroom - Click here
        • A simple overview of using some of the adjustment tools in Adobe Lightroom.

          Section Two - Stand Alone Programs

          3. Using Windows Live Photo Gallery - Click here
          • Using WLPG for editing/adjusting an image
          10. Using The (supplied) Raw File Converter For The Fujifilm HS-10 - Click here
          • This post links to several pages on one of my other sites (PixPlanet) and shows several examples of using the RFC to edit Raw and Jpeg files from the Fujifilm HS-10
          12. DxO Optics Pro 6.5 - Click here
          • Some screen shots, and edit examples, showing some of the different things you can use DxO for.
          15. HDR Express - Click here
          • This is a stand alone program which can be used to create single, or multi shot HDR images.
          16. Virtual Photographer - Click here
          • An effects program (plug in) which can be used in Photoshop, and other editors, and also in Virtual Studio which is a free editor and plug-in handler.
          18. Editing With SilkyPix DS Pro - Click here
          • A PDF document is available for download. This gives a brief overview of some of my normal work flow process.
          19. Editing With FastStone - Click here
          • A PDF document is available for download. This gives a brief overview of some of the edit functions available in FastStone.
          20. Using the FujiFilm RFC EX Raw File Converter - Click here
          • A PDF document is available for download. This gives a brief overview of some of the edit functions available in the FujiFilm RFC EX.
          22. Using the FujiFilm RFC EX Raw File Converter With HS-10 Raw Files - Click here
          • How to change HS-10 Raw Exif information so the RFC EX can process it.


          Additional Tips on my PixPlanet site :

          Other (older) Post Processing tips. I will update these, and bring them across to the blog, over time.

          Click here for the index page.

          Topics covered :
          • Using High Pass to enhance an image.
          • Another example of the above technique plus information for resizing and saving images.
          • Using specific tool for localised repair or enhancement.
          • Using Unsharp Mask (USM) to add contrast to an image.
          • Converting a colour image to black and white.
          • Creating an 'Orton' effect
          • Getting more 'pop' from colours - Technique 1
          • Getting more 'pop' from colours - Technique2
          • Toning a black and white image.



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