Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fujifilm HS-10 - 2X Teleconverter Test

The Fujifilm HS-10 has a lens which is equivalent to 24 mm to 720 mm.

Several people have posted images with a Sony VCL-DH1758 teleconverter attached and they have been excellent images. The Sony TC is a 1.7X magnification lens.

I don't have one of these, but I do have a Digitex DGT-20T58 2X Teleconverter. Not as good as the Sony but thought I would have a little play with it anyway.

Note : All images are straight from camera, simply sharpened using my own sharpening action - See here

Clicking on any image will show a larger size. Except for the moon images, I didn't use a tripod for these, but I did brace myself against a small fence.

Image 1
The scene - This is at 24 mm and simply using my normal settings - See here

Image 2
Still just using my normal settings, this is looking all the way down the road at 720 mm and with the TC attached. This gives an optical equivalence of 1,440 mm. As you can see lot's of effect from heat haze. It was a hot day.

Incidentally, the end of the street, just before the sea, is 570 metres from where I was.

Note - I used the measurement tool on Google Earth to check all distances

Image 3
Keeping my focal length, and same position, I am simply re-composing as I 'pan' up the street. The SCB sign is about 300 metres away.

Image 4
Still moving further back. Not me, the composition point, this is at 200 metres.

Image 5
125 metres.

Image 6
85 metres.

Image 7
60 metres.

Image 8
I also tried using 2X Digital Zoom as well as full telephoto plus TC. It's a mistake. Trust me, the results are not good !!.

However, I will show one image here.

This is my friend Johnny who agreed to be my model. This scene shot is at 24 mm.

Image 9
Zooming in from where I was - Full telephoto (720 mm) plus 2X Digital Zoom, plus 2X TC. This equates to 2,880 mm. I had to sharpen this image quite a lot.

Image 10
One of the reasons I did these tests was that it is full moon today (21st November, 2010).

This first one is simply taken at full telephoto, without the TC attached. I used a tripod for both moon images.

Image 11
This one is at 720 mm and with the 2X TC attached.




  1. Amazing you can get so close to the moon with a camera. Beautiful images :)

  2. Author, Hi. Many thanks for the comment. Cheers, Dave.