Friday 1 October 2010

FujiFilm F200 - EXR SN Mode

I've been playing around with EXR SN mode on my F200 EXR. When in SN mode the DR is 'capped' to DR 100%. This can mean that some highlight areas may 'blowout'.

One thing I have found is that if it is set to Astia (Soft) film simulation, and if the EV is set to - 0.33, or even better to - 0.67 EV, then the highlights can be controlled well, without totally blocking shadows.

The other benefit is that Chroma noise is better controlled than in other modes, and colour reproduction is better, especially at high ISO's.

I normally do all my editing work with Photoshop CS5. In this case, I decided just to do a simple play with the edit functions in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Basic, but it works.

Anyway, this is a set of images taken today and simply in chronological order. They were shot in SN mode, Astia, ISO 1600 (Auto), and apart from the first two (- 0.33 EV), they were all shot at - 0.67 EV.

Using ISO 1600 (Auto) allowed ISO to range from 200 to 1600. Exif details are intact if you wish to explore further.



  1. What a colorful clean night shots! I miss Bangkok nights.


  2. Win, Hi.

    Many thanks for the comment. These were taken at Hua Hin.