Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Out And About

Just some pix from a short road trip on the Beast today. Took the HS-10 and F200 EXR with me and headed up to the mountains.

Most are simply sharpened and resized. Some have had a little levels control also.

Except for the last eleven images, all were taken with the HS-10

This first one is taken with Super Macro on and 2X times digital zoom.

Using 24 mm at the vineyard. I was hoping to get some grape pix but no grapes.

The next three are all taken at full zoom and 2X digital zoom. This equates to 1,440 mm.

This one taken at full zoom and 1.4X digital zoom. This equates to 1,008 mm.

Super Macro of a pineapple with 1.4X digital zoom used also.

Typical. Get out to shoot in the mountains and a storm rolls in. Time to leave and head back.

Saw a spectacular sky while heading back as the sun tried valiantly to get out from behind the clouds.

This one also taken at full zoom and with 2X digital zoom. 1,440 mm equivalent.

This one required quite a bit of levels adjustment to get the colours to come out.

I pulled off the side of the road as these flags fascinated me.

This one at full zoom and 1.4X digital zoom. 1,008 mm equivalent.

It's nearly Sunflower time of year here. Hope to see many more soon.

Full zoom and 1.4X digital zoom. 1,008 mm equivalent.

This one at full zoom and 2X digital zoom. 1,440 mm equivalent.

It's also Pineapple harvest time. These folk were transferring their load from a pickup to one of the large trucks, which pull up on the roadside for collection.

Sun protection - Rural Thai style.

Truck decoration.

'Fixer uppers !!'  Definitely seen better days.

This backlit Pampas grass caught my eye.

Mini eggs at a local rural market up in the hills. Found the market by turning right where I normally turn left. Always fascinated by markets and the local life which surrounds them.

Many tasty treats available - Longans.

Not sure what all this is, but the front two dishes are fermented Bamboo.

Pork balls on a string. These are quite delicious barbecued, and very cheap.

Not sure what this one is either, looks good though.

Fresh boiled corn. Tasty.

Marinated meats for the barbecue.

Fresh corn from the back of a pickup. Great way to sell stuff. More sun protection rural Thai style.

Rice for sale at the edge of the road.

The market.

I'd put the camera in it's carry bag and as I turned around saw this lady pedalling toward me.

In one quick movement - Power on, zoom, compose as best as possible and shoot. Quite happy with it though.

From here on, all the images taken with the F200 EXR.

The barbecue.

Hmmm ? Pork ears ? Not sure I would try them.

Lady sitting at the far end of the market. Looked a little lonely.

Tasty corn. A plastic bag full is very cheap. No butter though. Gotta have butter on corn.

Tiny cooked eggs.

There's always fishy stuff at the markets.

Peanuts. They're glowing red as they are under a red umbrella.

I've seen these dishes before. Don't really want to think about what's in there !

Loved the light in these two. Some of these folk spend all their life in the sun and there skin is very dark.




  1. Very nice pics, thank you for sharing with us.
    I miss Thailand so much....

    Luciano (Milan, Italy)

  2. Luciano, Hi.

    Thanks for the comment. Love the colour here. Always things to find and shoot.


  3. I got here via the finepix site. An excellent job you have done here. Well worth coming back to.


  4. Jim, Hi.

    Many thanks for the comment. Glad you like it.