Saturday, 23 October 2010

FujiFilm HS-10 - More Macro

Playing a little more with macro on the HS-10. This is my second comparison.

The first comparison was here

My better half has a small collection of Jatukam and Buddha amulets. I thought these would be a good starting point to do a little further comparison of the HS-10 macro resolution in Jpeg and Raw.

So, I set up the HS-10 with my Sony VCL M-3358 close up filter attached, shot some of the amulets, and then played around with a few other things to compare Jpeg and Raw.

I didn't compare to any other cameras this time around. The main reason is I was too lazy, that and the fact that I wanted to get in very close and I can only do that with the HS-10's 720 mm reach with the close up filter attached. More on that later.

Image 1
One of the Jatukam amulets in it's presentation case.

Note : Jpeg is always at left and Raw at right 

Also, clicking on any image will take you to a larger view of that image

Image 2
The image above simply enlarged to 100% view. Don't forget that this is the equivalent as if viewing it at a 30 x 40" print size.

Image 3
Still the same image but with sharpening applied to both. The level of sharpening is different for each, but is the level which I felt the respective images would tolerate.

Image 4
Simply a piece of patterned cloth.

Image 5
Same image as above, viewed at 100% and again with sharpening values to suit.

To give you an idea of scale, the little red 'dots' measure 2 mm across.

Image 6
A prized Dragon

Image 7
The same image, this time viewed at 66.67% so as to fit the head in the frame. The head measures 20 mm from left to right.

Again, sharpening has been applied to both images.

Image 8
Another piece of cloth.

Image 9
The above image viewed at 100% and with both images sharpened.

Image 10
The same piece of cloth. This time shot at 720 mm and with the close up lens attached. The head measures 8 mm from left to right.

Image 11
Same as the image above and now viewed at 100%. This is the left eye, which measures 1 mm side to side. Again, both images sharpened.

Image 12
This is text from the fly leaf of a book. I'll get accused of 'self-aggrandisement' here, but never mind.

Note the barrel distortion of the uncorrected Raw image.

Image 13
The same as above but now viewed at 100% and with sharpening applied. To understand the scale, the word 'exhibited' is 8 mm wide.

So, after doing this short comparison, I still come to the same conclusion that there is little point in shooting Raw for this sort of work.

Mind you, it is clear in the text image, that Raw is giving a smoother effect and we can also see the porosity of the paper.

Also, keep in mind that I normally do shoot Raw + Jpeg.



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