Wednesday 16 February 2011


Just a few edits of some of the Kite Board shots I showed in my last post. See here

Although they are Kite Boarding, I decided just to stay in close on the people and forget about the canopies.

Kite Borading has become very popular around here and many new venues and schools have opened up. I didn't have much time to spend today but will try and get back soon, and get in closer.


This guy had the right idea but I don't want to get into the water with any of my cameras. Last time I did that I had electronic problems not long after.

This next one was shot a few days back. Just to give you an idea of what's at the end of the lines.




  1. Excellent, as usual. But, for me, completely confounding. Is there any simple explanation -- other than the right combination of settings -- that explains why your HS10 results are so wonderful and others so, well, mediocre to awful? I looked at the first batch owner images and wrote the HS10 off my wish list until seeing your results in the past several days.

    Does your experience, and crystal ball, cause you to offer anything about the HS20's prospects beyond the conventional wisdom of "need to wait..."?

  2. Timbo, Hi.

    Thanks for your comments. The settings have a lot to do with it. If the image is not good to start with there is nowhere to go.

    I am also (mostly) processing my images in SilkyPix DS Pro. There I simply drop the contrast a little, lighten a little, adjust colours if required, and then sharpen.

    The HS-10 images will tolerate quite a lot of sharpening, done carefully.

    Crystal Ball ? Having been very pleased with my F200 EXR I think the EXR engine has proven itself. Having also been very pleased with the HS-10 lens, I think the marriage of the two will prove excellent.


  3. Thanks very much, Dave.

    In retrospect, my words weren't as carefully chosen as I'd have liked (as I was rushed), but I hope they in no way conveyed a lack of understanding of, and appreciation for, the photographer's role in the final product.

    Also, if my mind had been fully engaged, I'd have expressed the hope that your images weren't benefiting from either complex or extensive PP. The last thing I want to learn is the an image of which I'm particularly fond has reached its final stage after 16 zillion steps in Photoshop. I admire the expertise of folks who are whizzes with PS, but I ain't goin' matter what. I will, however, give SilkyPix a careful look.

    I know you'll keep up the great work (and I can't help but wish to god that Fuji is paying you an outrageous sum either under, or over, the table for showing off its products in the best possible light).

    And, like many I'm sure, I feel blessed that you've collected your wisdom and made it accessible through your blog.


  4. Timbo, Hi.

    Complex PP ? Nah. I'm a simply guy. In SP DS Pro I have edit parameter pre-sets set up. Makes it all very simple. Open the parameter and then fine tune, if required.

    Have a look at this post about using SP DS Pro : - There is a PDF to download there.

    Pay ? I just enjoy it.


  5. A confession and a question:

    In following up on SP DS Pro, other than the fact I can't find a free version, I can't help but notice it's billed as a RAW converter. My confession is that I've never shot a single image in RAW, and, while I don't doubt its many advantages, I could happily go to my grave without it. I hope.

    So my question is: will I be forever unable to match the sharpness and clarity of some of your decent-light images shooting an HS10 in jpeg only? (I'm prepared to deal with low light separately.)

    Thanks again. What an inspiration! And educator.

  6. Timbo, Hi.

    All the images shown in this post, the 'coconut' posts, 'down south' posts, in fact any post which doesn't have the statement that they were shot in Raw, were shot only in Jpeg.

    Silky Pix DS, or DS Pro, handle Jpeg's just as well as Raw. No, they're not free but well worth it.

    Thank you for your kind comment.


  7. Thanks, Dave for pointing out (what should have been) the obvious. I guess I've lingered on just a few of the image posts, just savoring them, rather than zipping through the lot.

    Actually what you said was sort of my sense, but my mind was side-tracked into the Silkypix thing when it came to writing you.

    Despite what I said, and with your better explanation, I plan to poke around and see how little I might pick up SP for.

    Thanks again, for everything.

  8. Your pictures tell me that this sport is very interesting.


  9. Timbo, Hi.

    I think you would find the investment is SilkyPix well worth it.


  10. Pokkrong, Hi.


    It does look interesting and certainly makes for an interesting photographic subject.

    Not for me though. Not fit enough for that.