Wednesday 16 February 2011

FujiFilm HS-10 - Warts And All

I don't usually post images without some form of editing, even if it is only slight.

Anyway, I shot these today and at different focal lengths. I was in Aperture mode (f 6.4) and AF Tracking (half-press) was on. Many of the subjects were tracked for quite a distance until they got in the frame where I wanted them.

The whole sequence is shown here in chronological order and no form of editing has been done, not even straightening.

Simply, they have been reduced in size to 1600 pixels wide.


Note : Clicking any image will take you to the larger size




  1. The HS10 at its best. Another nice series.
    Who was that in the water? I hope the camera was water proof, you wouldn't catch me in the tide with the Fuji :)

  2. Ralph, Hi.

    Thanks. Just showing what it can do.

    Don't know who was in the water. He had a good vantage point but a little risky.