Monday 14 February 2011

Down South

Headed South with a friend of mine today. Very windy.

Interestingly, as it was a very windy day the air was also very clear. When we got to our final destination, Dolphin Bay, looking back we could see where we had come from. I have been down there many times but today was the first time the coast line could be fairly easily made out.

The strange thing was that I always thought that looking up the beach at Dolphin Bay was looking North. After being able to see our path, I realised that looking up the beach was actually looking more to the North-West and where we had come from was pretty much due North.

Anyway, enough of the trivia. It was a good day out and I snapped a few pix on the way.

I was running two cameras and these are simply loaded up by file name. So, they are not in any particular order.





  1. Nice series Dave. Still getting nice weather I see.

    Photographing the Kiteboarders is always fun. Lots of dynamics in the photos.

  2. Ralph, Hi.

    Thank you. Weather should stay nice until end of April. Good time to be out taking pix.


  3. again and enjoyable,well shot series Dave. I am continually impressed with the quality and intensity of the light there. Looks like you were given a wonderful day at the beach - always a special blessing, We have similar though vastly colder beaches here and sadly...narry a palm to be seen..

  4. Graeme, Hi.

    Thank you.

    It was a very clear and bright day. I planned to go back today but it is overcast :<(

    See what happens tomorrow.