Sunday, 24 October 2010

PP Tips 7 - Editing Jpeg's in Raw

This is part of a 'How To' series on post process work.

Did you know ? If you have Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, you can use the editing functions found in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to edit Jpeg images also. The same applies to using ACR in Adobe Bridge - See the bottom of the page.

I mostly shoot Raw and use ACR. Since CS3, I have also used it for preliminary editing of Jpeg's, often times for all the editing work. ACR has an extensive set of controls.

It is easy to setup Photoshop to open Jpeg as well as Raw files in ACR.

Step 1
From the top Photoshop menu bar, select Edit/Preferences.

When the dialogue window opens, select File Handling and then click on the box marked Camera Raw Preferences.

Step 2
A new dialogue window will open.

At the bottom of the window, select the JPEG drop down menu in the JPEG and TIFF Handling area, and select 'Automatically open all supported Jpeg's'.

That's it - It is that simple.

Now any time you open a Jpeg file, it will automatically open in the ACR editing area first.

Note : If you use Adobe Bridge, you can also set it up to open Jpeg's, simply by selecting the above details (Step 2) in the Camera Raw Preferences in the Edit menu 


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  1. Kerry, Hi.

    It's a simple one but makes the workflow much easier.