Saturday, 2 October 2010

FujiFilm X100

The recently announced FujiFilm X100 is, for me, a pretty exciting new camera. I think that in the overall scheme of things, it's biggest innovation is the optical/electronic viewfinder (OVF/EVF). I think this will herald in a new breed of camera designs.

I am not going to try and explain anything technical here, so you can read up on it at :

A lot has been said on some of the camera forums, about the downside of the X100 having a fixed focal length lens. It has a 23 mm fixed focal length lens. In 35 mm camera terms, this equates to a focal length of 35 mm. Some state that this is very limiting. Well, depends what you want it for. I'm not quite sure what I want it for, but I do know I want it. Not as a primary camera, but certainly a secondary one.

I still have my FujiFilm GA645 (film) but haven't used it in a while. It takes simply superb images though. The GA645 has a fixed focal length equivalent to 37 mm. I've never found this an impediment. In fact, it forces me to make the shot, not just take it.

The X100 announcement spurred me on to get batteries for the GA645. I still have a lot of film in the fridge which I plan to get through in the next few weeks.

Anyway, I've started practicing shooting some stuff at 35 mm. The image below is from one of my current digitals, which has a much smaller sensor than the X100. Hence it has far greater DOF than the X100 will.

I'd like to say I have my better half's permission to post this here. Well, truth is I didn't ask. Still, I like the pic. I think she would also, at least I hope so.


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