Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Endless Search

I am still trying to find some area where Pineapple harvesting is happening. There are thousands of acres of Pineapples, but finding the harvesting is proving elusive.

I went back to the area today. This is about my sixth trip there - Still no real luck.

There are some excellent roads though, and I love the twisty ones. Fun on the 'bike.

This road follows one of the lakes in the area for several kilometres.

There are many birds along the water's edge. Most are very 'skittish' though. I have to pull up very slowly, keep the engine running, and also keep my movements to a minimum.

Many of the Pineapple fields are down tracks such as this. I have been up, and down, many. Think I might have to get 'knobby' tyres for the Beast.

What I did find today was a roadside 'shack' where they were cutting up Pineapples. Something, at least.

I took many shots. These are not in any particular order as I was using three different cameras - Fujifilm S100fs, HS-10 and F200 EXR. The F200 EXR proved best for the very close 'over the shoulder' images.




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