Friday, 19 November 2010

Food, Glorious Food

With the Fujifilm HS-10, setting Sharpness to Hard helps reduce the effects of localised noise reduction. With it set like this, you can still select either film mode - Standard or Chrome.

See my HS-10 settings page, here

I had wanted to try this with my Fujifilm S100 fs also. When I tried to set sharpness to hard, it would default to Standard (Provia) film mode. I'm not a big fan of Standard as the colours are a little 'washed out' for my taste. I much prefer using Astia.

Yesterday, I had a thought. Sometimes do.

So, I set the sharpness to Hard and also set the colour to High. As it was dark, I went out and shot some images in the street. Within a few dozen metres of my front door, there are more than a dozen restaurants. Easy to get some food and cooking pix.

I was quite happy with the outcome.

Anyway, here's a few. All are taken with the Fujifilm S100 fs, except the last which is from the HS-10. These images have had mild sharpening and levels adjustment, but no colour adjustment. However, the HS-10 image has had colour saturation adjustment.




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