Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Just A Few

I studied Google Earth very carefully last night. I wanted to find the road which ran along the edge of a large reservoir I could see, which is very close to a very small village called Khao Krapuk.

I eventually found the reservoir but the light was very 'dirty'. It will be worth a trip back there though. I also wanted to get some images of the pineapple harvest.

I could see that by 'flying crow' it was about 30 km's from where I am to the reservoir. By road it ended up around 50 km's as there are no roads which go directly there. Being a mountainous area, the roads follow the valleys.

I took off in the general direction and also detoured a bit to find some pineapple harvesting. There was plenty of evidence of it being underway, many full trucks, but I could not find any actual harvesting.

Keep in mind that the pineapple area is tens of thousands of acres. I did find some pineapples which look like they will be harvested in the next day, or so, though.

Anyway, just a few pix and all have had some slight adjustment in ReDynaMix single HDR program. Works well.

All in all, travelled 150 km's for the round trip. Ended up making quite a few detours.


Pineapple country. This is from three images and then stitched into a panoramic. This one was taken along the way and was the only place I saw where the sky was not fully overcast.

Pineapples ready for harvest. Hopefully tomorrow.

One section of the road had dozens of 'spirit houses' lining either side. I have no idea why. This is just a few of them.

I pulled up at a small rural store to get a drink. Spotted this fruit and having no idea what it was, asked the proprietor. Pawpaws.

The store.

The proprietor with her small daughter.

Birds at the edge of the reservoir. Not a great shot but what do you expect for 720 mm on a 'dirty sky' day ?



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