Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nowhere - Naturally

Went out for a ride today.

Often before I go, I will check Google Earth of the general direction I want to head. Where I wanted to go today was that I could see there was a large reservoir, with a road skirting it's edge, and thought it would be a good location for images.

After heading in the general direction, I found the road which I thought would take me there. After about an hour of wandering, I realised I was quite lost. When this happens, the easiest thing to do is head South as this will bring me back to the main road which runs East-West.

Think I need to buy a map !!

In the end, I found a few flowers and such and took some images. The reservoir will have to wait until I sort out exactly where I am heading.


The first several images are with the Fujifilm S100 fs.

From here on, all images with the Fujifilm HS-10.



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