Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Odds And Sods

Headed out again today. Still looking for the elusive Pineapple harvesting. One day !!

Found a few new roads and ended up mostly just enjoying the ride.

Again, I took three cameras with me. Fujifilm S100fs, HS-10 and the F200EXR.

Image 1
Found a new lake along the way. This is from two images stitched from the S100fs.

Image 2
Bird at the water's edge. HS-10 at full zoom.

Image 3
There were a few people fishing at the lake but it seemed like there were half a dozen rods per person. This is just a few of them. HS-10.

Image 4
Rural store. Single shot HDR done with DxO Pro. S100fs.

Image 5
Seen better days. HDR done with ReDynaMix. S100fs.

Image 6
Coloured leaves. HDR done with ReDynaMix. S100fs.

Image 7
These spirit houses line both sides of the road near Khao Krapuk. HDR done with ReDynaMix. S100fs.

Image 8
Sunburst. Two S100fs images stitched.

Image 9
Three vertical HS-10 images stitched.

Image 10
Three vertical F200EXR images stitched.

Image 11
Four horizontal S100fs images stitched. Pineapple country.



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