Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fujifilm S100 fs - Resetting

I've had my Fujifilm S100 fs for over two and a half years and shot close to 32,000 images with it.

Mostly I shoot Raw, or if shooting Jpeg I prefer to use Astia film simulation.

I wanted to increase the in-camera sharpening but found that this causes it to revert back to Provia. As a little experiment, I decided to just shoot Provia with the Sharpness set to Hard and the Colour set to High.

So, for the past two weeks, this is how I have been shooting it.

The images below have been shot in Provia and with colour and sharpness set to high. They are simply shown in chronological order.

All passed through DxO Optics Pro to fix any lens anomalies, but are not otherwise edited. The exception is that a few of the night shots have had some chroma noise reduction and one was cropped.

With setting sharpness to high and looking at an image at 100% view (pixel peeping), sharpening artifacts are evident. However, at reasonable print sizes (say A3) they are not apparent.

The advantage of doing this ? It gives a clean and sharp image which can easily be simply edited to pull out the colour, if desired.


From here on, the images were all shot this morning and with a very overcast and 'dirty' sky.




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