Monday, 22 November 2010

A Taste Of Mexico

In what used to be one of our galleries, some folk have opened up a Mexican restaurant.

My better half (Jib) has been doing all the legal work for them, so we were invited tonight to have a drink and some finger food.

Not sure why you would open a Mexican restaurant in a street which specialises in Thai seafood, but good luck to them.

The interior. Appropriately named Margarita.

The bar. Not too well stocked yet, as I found out. But it's early days.

These are Tuna Enchiladas. Actually, really good !

Jib with her half finished Mexican prawn cocktail and her Margarita. It was bigger than she !

The prawn cocktail was also excellent.

On her second, I could see what was coming. I'd have to carry her home and tuck her in. Just kidding.




  1. Hi, Dave...!

    You've got an excellent blog...!

    Good job...!

    BTW, your wife is a very attractive lady... ;^)


  2. Wizzard, Hi. Thank you for the comment. She IS lovely. Has a big heart also. Cheers.