Monday, 15 November 2010

Out Again

Took the Beast to get washed yesterday and then took off toward the South. Mostly just out for the ride, but still took a few pix.

Note : All the images have been sharpened and some have had some levels adjustment

These first ones are all with the Fujifilm S100 fs and using Velvia film simulation.

While I was waiting for the bike to get washed, I played around with AF Tracking on the HS-10. Could be my imagination, but I think it actually focuses faster with this on.

I had played with this once before but found it a little silly that you had to use the 4 way selector to start 'tracking' and then cancel the tracking, and repeat the procedure.

Surprise ! You don't need do any of that. Simply, select AF Tracking, ignore the LCD instruction and half press the shutter. Take the shot and it's ready for the next.

In fact, I just left it on for the rest of the day. I think from now on I'll just use this AF mode.

Note : Using AF Tracking in this manner means that the focus 'box' will remain in the centre of the frame, but still track. If you wish to have the focus 'box' follow the subject around the frame, you need to use the four way controller to select. You can also select a subject which, for example, you may want at the edge of frame, whereby you centre on the subject, select, and then recompose. The focus 'box' will stay on the subject

All images from here on are with the Fujifilm HS-10.



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