Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Fujifilm S100 fs - Settings Comparison

A couple of weeks back I changed my S100 fs Jpeg settings to Provia, Sharpness-Hard, Tone-Standard, Colour-High.

Typically, my preferred Jpeg film simulation setting is Soft (Astia). However, when set to this, the sharpness setting cannot be changed. If it is changed, then the film simulation setting reverts back to standard, Provia. Hence the reason why I increased sharpness and colour with the Provia setting.

Unless doing something like studio portrait work, I am not a big Provia fan. However, mostly when doing any studio stuff, I shoot Raw anyway.

After shooting a few hundred images, with the new Provia settings, I also wanted to do a comparison against some other settings and film simulation modes.

So, today there was a short period of sunshine and I took advantage of it.

Below are some examples of different settings.

Example 1
This is standard - Provia.

Example 2
Provia and with the Sharpness set to Hard and the Colour set to High.

Example 3
Provia and with the Sharpness set to Hard, Tone set to High and Colour set to High.

Example 4
Velvia film simulation.

Example 5
Soft (Astia) film simulation.

Example 6
Portrait film simulation.

Some quick thoughts.

Of all the settings, Astia still gives the most natural colours. I have always found Velvia 'punches up' the reds too much and skin tones, in particular, can look a little weird. Using Provia with all the settings turned up, seems to give far more natural looking reds.

For the moment, I will leave it set to Provia, and with all the settings turned up high. I'll see what effect there is skin tones though.



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