Saturday, 11 December 2010

Early At The Port

I was out very early again. Left before the sun came up.

I wanted to get out into the area where I had heard some rice harvesting was underway.

On the way I passed the fishing port at Cha Am. I could see there was a lot of activity happening there, and many boats coming in.

So, I ended up totally side-tracked.

The sun rising above umbrellas at Cha Am Beach.

I headed out to the very end of the breakwater. Good spot for fishing.

There were many big boats coming in.

And, many small boats heading out.

The next series of images is simply activity within the wharf area. I have never seen it this busy.

These are simply in chronological order.

There is a new road which has been built along the breakwater, and it is a pleasant spot for a bicycle ride.

At the end of the breakwater is a giant sculpture of a pair of Squid.

Some tourists enjoying a ride on the breakwater road.

Traffic on the small footbridge across the river inside the harbour.



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