Saturday, 11 December 2010

Golden Harvest

Around where I live there is a huge network of roads which criss-cross the area. Many are small rural roads which wind through valleys. Travelling any of these roads is often rewarding.

Yesterday I set out very early and into some new areas. Good roads and quite devoid of traffic.

As I travelled, I came across fields of rice, ready for harvest.

I was delighted when not much further down the road I found some rice harvesters at work. It was very difficult to get close, so many of the shots were taken at full zoom (400 mm).

Once the harvesters have a full load, they come to the edge of the fields to unload into waiting trucks.

I even climbed up the side of one of the trucks to get a birds eye view.

The driver of the harvester.

Never argue with a lady with a sickle in her hand.

She turned out to be friendly though.

Some folk out shopping. They were just leaving a small rural store I stopped at.

Peaceful scene.



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