Tuesday 29 March 2011

PP Tips 22 - Using the RFC EX To Modify HS-10 Raw Files

Update - Since this was posted, some have mentioned that it works with other cameras also.

Got a FujiFilm HS-10 and want to use the new (much better featured) RFC EX to convert Raw files ?

Step 1. Download the RFC EX installer, from here
Step 2. Download the document which explains how to hack the Exif, from here
Step 3. Not sure how to use the RFC EX ? You can download a short tutorial from here

Follow the instructions in the ExifHack document, and you can then edit an HS-10 Raw file in the RFC EX. Works a treat.

Remember, make a copy of your file first. Don't modify the original.

Have fun.

PS - Sorry, but Windows only at the moment, and many thanks to my friend Pietro for the instructions.

One example of an HS-10 Raw file converted, and processed, using the RFC EX.



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