Saturday, 12 March 2011

FujiFilm X100 - Right On Mio Cade

One of the photographers I have been following, with regard to FujiFilm X100 images, is Mio Cade (not real name).

His images are superb.

To view the set of his X100 images at Flickr, click here

As he displays the images he makes some small observations. One of my favourites is this one :

' ... I do not care if the camera has interchangeable lenses, bulletproof, idiot proof, fastest focus, great IQ (I just learned of this term today), etc. Rather I will think of how to move to the right place at the right time, at the right angle, at the right exposure setting, at the right composition and at the effect that I want ... I deliberately leave out mentioning the weakness of the camera. The greatest weakness is the photographer himself, including myself ... '

Right on Mio Cade !

Make sure you also have a look at his entire photo stream. A fascinating set of images. Click here

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  1. Oh, found my name here :-)
    Thank you for your support.

    Mio Cade (Thomas Tham Joo Kit)

  2. Mio, Hi. Thank you for dropping by. I have really enjoyed seeing your images. Good luck. Cheers.