Tuesday, 29 March 2011

PP Tips 22 - Using the RFC EX To Modify HS-10 Raw Files

Update - Since this was posted, some have mentioned that it works with other cameras also.

Got a FujiFilm HS-10 and want to use the new (much better featured) RFC EX to convert Raw files ?

Step 1. Download the RFC EX installer, from here
Step 2. Download the document which explains how to hack the Exif, from here
Step 3. Not sure how to use the RFC EX ? You can download a short tutorial from here

Follow the instructions in the ExifHack document, and you can then edit an HS-10 Raw file in the RFC EX. Works a treat.

Remember, make a copy of your file first. Don't modify the original.

Have fun.

PS - Sorry, but Windows only at the moment, and many thanks to my friend Pietro for the instructions.

One example of an HS-10 Raw file converted, and processed, using the RFC EX.



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Monday, 28 March 2011

PP Tips 21 - Using A Provia Curve And Sharpening Action

This is part of a 'How To' series on post process work.

I came across a set of film simulation curves for Photoshop a while ago. One of the curves was to simulate Provia film and I have since used this quite extensively with some of my images.

One of the things I then did, was to add my sharpening routine to it and created an action called 'Provia + DLSharp 2'.

I have made a very quick overview of an image edit using this action. As it will be difficult to see the process steps here, I have created a PDF file which can be downloaded - Click here

Please download and, above all, enjoy.

For reference, here is the original 'as-shot' image followed by the image edited using the action.

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

FujiFilm F500 EXR - Sample Images

One of the Russian web sites has quite a few sample images from an F500 EXR. Same as the F550 EXR but no Raw, or GPS.

If you scroll down, near to the bottom of the page, you will see several sample images including some ISO examples.

Clicking on the images takes you to the original size.

Click here to go to the site.

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FuiFilm X100 - User Gallery

A gentleman called Tim Ashley has recently got the FujiFilm X100 and has put a gallery on Zenfolio. Some nice images there.

To see his images - Click here



Wednesday, 23 March 2011

PP Tips 20 - Using The FujiFilm RFC EX

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The new FujiFilm X100, HS-20 EXR and the F550 EXR all have Raw capability and each comes bundled with a raw file converter (RFC).

For the EXR series cameras, this is called RFC EX and is powered by SilkyPix. As far as I can tell, it is the same version for all the EXR sensor cameras.

I am a long time user of Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw and use them daily. I have also been using SilkyPix products for the past year, or so. Personally, I think they are excellent products. It just takes a little time to learn to use them.

My first introduction to SilkyPix products was with the RFC supplied with the FujiFilm HS-10. That RFC had quite limited functionality and many settings were simply non-adjustable presets.

Fortunately, the new RFC EX has the important 'controller panes' fully operable and adjustable.

Anyway, I have made a very simple overview of an image conversion/edit. As it will be difficult to see the images here, I have created a PDF file which can be downloaded here

A zipped version is available here

Note : The file is quite large (8 mb) as there are quite a number of image examples

In the example, I am simply running through an overview of how to use the RFC EX. The settings I am using are purely subjective and I would always encourage you to try your own variations. Typically, I step through an image edit in the order that I am showing. This always works well, for me.

Hopefully, you will find this helpful.

Update : Below is an example of an HS-20 EXR file converted with the RFC EX

A friend of mine has just got the HS-20 EXR and sent me a couple of sample Raw files.

The first image below is the Raw file converted in RFC EX but with no adjustments applied. In other words, it is just a 'flat' conversion with the default settings.

The second is the adjusted image which has also then had some additional sharpening applied in Photoshop.

Note : Clicking either image will take you to a larger size



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FujiFilm RFC EX - Raw File Converter

Update : I have now put together a simple overview of the RFC EX controls in use in an image edit - Have a look here

The new FujiFilm X100, HS-20 EXR and F550 EXR all shoot Raw and are shipped with the SilkyPix RFC EX (raw file converter). This converter is designed to work with the FujiFilm EXR sensor/processor.

The cameras are still not available here, but I managed to get my hands on a copy of the RFC EX.

From what I can see, the RFC EX is the same for all the cameras. I have downloaded some of the Raw files floating around (X100 and F550) and run them through it and it works the same for either.

Contrary to some opinions, the RFC is very easy to use and produces a very usable image. When I do a conversion, I am converting to a Tiff file, not Jpeg.

Below is just one very quick example of one of the Raw files from the F550 EXR.

The first screen shot shows the Raw file (left), after conversion in RFC EX to a Tiff file and then also sharpened in Photoshop. The right image shows the out of camera Jpeg.

The next three screen shots simply show some of the detail around the images compared, and as if at a view size (print size) of 12 x 16 inches.

This is not the best example image from the F550 EXR but the image I wanted to try was incorrectly labelled and downloads this same image.

I will play more with it, as I find some more files, and write up something about how to use it.

In the comparisons below, the Raw (Tiff) is always at left, and the out of camera Jpeg, at right.

Note : Clicking any image will take you to a larger size

For those who may have been used to using the HS-10 RFC, the big difference with the new RFC EX is that the functions such as :
  • Highlight Controller
  • WB Controller
  • Fine Colour Controller
  • Lens Aberration Controller
  • Rotation/Digital Shift Controller
  • Tone Curve Controller
  • Demosaic Sharp
... Are now all unlocked and fully usable !!! Not just presets as with the RFC.



Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pineapple Harvest

Also came across some folk harvesting Pineapples today.

This mans name is 'X' and he very graciously cut some large slabs of fresh Pineapple for me to eat. Thank you X.

These are all shot with the FujiFilm HS-10. All have been edited. Mostly just levels and sharpening.

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Changing Ways

One of the things I enjoy is documenting the rural life around where I live.

It's always good to come across activity in the fields, and to stop and chat with the workers. Invariably they are happy and friendly.

Came across just such a group today, harvesting sugar cane.

Time, and progress, marches on though. I suppose soon all the field workers will be replaced by these machines. Pity.

These are all shot with the FujiFilm HS-10. All have been edited. Mostly just levels and sharpening.

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Up On A High Wire

Came across some guys stringing high voltage wires today. May not look a long way up but it is.


One thing I love about my FujiFilm HS-10 is that I can go from this (24 mm) ...

To this (720 mm).  Neat.

This is what he was trying to connect together.

Here it is on the ground. Safest place for me.

These are all shot with the FujiFilm HS-10. All have been edited slightly. Mostly just levels and sharpening.

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