Sunday, 2 January 2011

Old Ozzie Pix

I've been digging through a lot of images to put on my Panoramio site. Came across some very old ones and some not quite as old, but still old. These were all shot on film and all in Australia.

First one was taken back in 1979. This was taken on Kodachrome. Kodak always said that the emulsion was good for about 25 years. Well, I dug this out a few years back and rescanned it. It would have been about 26 years old by then. The emulsion had started to develop a myriad of fine cracks and it took a lot of work to repair.

Anyway, I'll put a few here with, as best as I can remember, the date taken.


1979 - Point Lonsdale lighthouse and pier, Australia.

1996 - Road across Mungo Lake, Australia.

1995 - Sydney Dawn, Australia

1991 - Chinamans Creek, Metung, Australia

1997 - Outback colours, Australia

1997 - Glen Helen Gorge, Australia

1997 - Mereenie Loop Track, Australia

If I find some more I'll add them here, until then ...




  1. Nice series Dave. Hope you find more.
    I have looked at thousands of photos lately from all sorts of digital cameras from the Nikon D3s to simple little point and shoot and in almost every way I prefer the color and range of film.
    There is a warmth and vibrance to film that I find rare in the digital image.

    I am so often disappointed by the results of my digital cameras because they just dont render color balance properly. The HS10 in std or chrome is still too saturated in some colors.

    I spent quite a bit of time in Oz and the colors in your photos are how I remember it.

  2. Ralph, Hi.

    I agree that film has a little more 'magic' look than digital. However, doesn't matter how much we may wish it not to be, it will disappear. Remember LP's ?

    Still, there are a few tricks to get the film look of days gone by. I'll publish something more about it soon.

    The HS-10, like any reasonable digital camera, needs PP to get the most from it. I find that shooting Chrome is the best, and then lifting shadows in PP.