Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bored To Heck - Part Two

Computers ? What did we ever do without them. Truthfully, I think we lead a more peaceful and simple existence.

Still, being a photographer in this day and age, it is a necessity.

Well, after spending two days trying to get my PC to run in a stable manner, I gave up, packed it up, grabbed a motorcycle taxi, and took it back from whence it came. It's only three months old and has warranty.

At the PC shop, and after telling my pitiful story, we unpacked the machine, plugged it all in and fired it up. It worked perfectly. Nothing I tried could induce the rebooting, keyboard errors, etc., etc.

The store owner then advised me that HP has on site warranty support for the first year and that it would be best if I took it back, reconnected it, and then called them.

Well, packed it all up again, brought it back to the office, set it all up, and fired it up. That was five hours ago. It has not missed a beat since. What the ... !!!!

Anyway, I hope there won't be a part three to this saga but, with computers, who knows ?


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