Friday, 27 May 2011

FujiFilm HS20 EXR - Raw File Colour Bleed

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Now, the heading may be a little confusing but I noticed when using Lightroom or Photoshop/ACR, that particular attention needs to be paid to the Color Noise Reduction, and more particularly the Color Detail.

The default settings are Color (Noise Reduction) + 25 and Color Detail + 50. I have found that, particularly, increasing the Color Detail control gives much cleaner colour separation.

Anyway, some examples below to show what I mean but you should experiment with the levels that give the most pleasing result.

Note : Clicking any image will take you to a larger size

The original image.

The original opened in Lightroom, enlarged to 100% view and showing the top left corner, and also showing the default noise reduction settings.

The image after adjusting the sharpness and noise controls. The aim is to reduce noise, improve colour separation and also keep as much detail as possible. As I am viewing at 100% (huge) I am not overly concerned about leaving some luminance noise (grain).

Note the edge of the green fabric and also the yellow flower centres on the pink fabric.

The two images now shown side by side. Original at left and adjusted image at right.

Another section of the images and showing correct colour separation/distinction of the various product labels.

The original image.

The adjusted image.

Another example, again the original is at left (with default settings) and the adjusted image at right and viewed at  larger than original size.

So, if you use Lightroom, or Photoshop, to convert/adjust HS20 EXR Raw files, be careful of the Color NR and Color Detail settings. The same is quite possibly true for any EXR Raf files.

Incidentally, this does not happen with the SilkyPix Raw converter.

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