Monday, 23 May 2011

FujiFilm HS20 EXR - Impressions

Had my hands on a FujiFilm HS20 EXR for a while today. About 30 minutes total.

So, I did a quick walk around the area and through the local market. I mostly shot Raw + Jpeg and the images below are the Jpegs straight from camera without any editing done.

The images below were all shot in :

P Mode, Large, 4:3, Fine, NR = Low, Astia, -0.33 EV, ISO 800 (Auto), DR 200% (or 400%)

I also had AF Tracking set to on and used it by simply 'half-pressing'.Same as I do on the HS-10.

Apart from the settings described, everything else was set to factory default.

Note : Clicking on any image will take you to a larger size which will have the Exif data intact

This next one was shot with AE Spot set to on.

So, my impressions ?

Well, compared to the FujiFilm HS-10 :
  • Jpeg and Raw write times are faster. Not by huge amounts but definitely faster, especially for Raw
  • LCD is simply superb but EVF is the same as the HS-10. Good, but not great
  • Lens is just as sharp as the HS-10. Great lens
  • The in-camera Jpeg processing leaves little to be desired. It's a tough job to get a better image from the Raw file, colour wise. More about that later
  • At 24 mm it is wider than the HS-10 but also wider when at full zoom
  • I really like the colours but would probably shoot M Fine as there are some artifacts at L Fine. Same as previous generation EXR cameras have exhibited
  • DR is good (with the settings I used) but not as good as I can get out of the HS-10. Mind you if I had more time, and set differently, I am sure I could squeeze more out of it. More my fault than the camera
  • CA is well controlled
  • AF Tracking works in just the same way as on the HS-10 and is definitely worth always having on

Incidentally, it was blazingly hot today and the light very contrasty. Hence a lot of the images I deliberately looked for very bright versus very dark areas, to see how the DR held up.

Also, as it was very hot, the over temperature warning came on after a few minutes. Keep in mind that the camera was on the whole time (about 35 minutes), it never wanted to shut down, and the firmware was v 1.01. 




  1. Your impressions reflect mine Dave. Good to see I'm not totally cuckoo :)Is it a keeper or on loan?

  2. Ralph, Hi

    Just borrowed from the local camera shop for thirty minutes. I may get one but have a few too many cameras already !


  3. I already have the HS-10 and shoot only in JPEG. I bought it recently for about half of its original price when launched a year or so ago.

    Do you think it's worth upgrading to the HS-20 from the HS-10?

    (My feeling is that there is not too much of a difference and the HS-10 I bought was a bargain!)

  4. Dave,

    Very nice series for non-EXR mode.

    Wish you could show a side-by-side comparison with any of your HS10 or S100FS.



  5. Mark, Hi.

    The HS10 is a good camera and as much as I enjoyed playing with the HS20, I would advise you to keep the HS10. There is a difference but not enough to say the HS20 is a whole lot better.


  6. Joms, Hi.

    I didn't have much time with it, but if I get another chance to play I will try and do a little more settings comparison.


  7. Thanks Dave. Always respect your opinion.

  8. By the way Dave. Pops = Herbiecook

  9. Great series Dave. From all the posts I've seen so far on FTF and other forums, I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade from the HS10 just yet. Maybe the HS30 or whatever follows the HS20 will give me a reason to :)

    Thanks for the examples and all the great advice and tutorials with the HS10.

    Best regards,

  10. Pops (Herbie), Hi.

    Thanks for the comment.


  11. Raj, Hi.

    If you are happy with the HS-10, then stick with it. The HS-20 Raf's are better than the HS-10 though. I will post some pix converted from Raf's later.