Monday, 14 March 2011

FujiFilm X100 - Using DR %

I probably should really title the post - FujiFilm X100 - Not Using DR %.

One thing that FujiFilm cameras have, of recent years, is very good dynamic range (DR) control.

This is most true with any camera which bears the EXR badge but my S100 fs and even the HS-10 also have excellent DR characteristics, when set correctly.

Mind you, I'm not mentioning the DSLR 'S' series here as I have never played with one. They are reputed, however, to have excellent dynamic range.

In searching for FujiFilm X100 images, it can be difficult to find straight from camera examples which still have the original file name intact. If it is intact, then the image can be opened in FinePix Viewer and the DR setting is shown.

The X100 has an EXR processor, and has the option to set DR% at 100, 200, 400.

What puzzles me is why most people, who are using the camera, don't use this feature ?

In my last post, I provided a link to the recent examples from LensTip. They have full size samples available and with the file names intact.

After downloading a couple of the images and viewing the metadata in FPV, it is clear that they were shot without any DR % added. In other words, DR 100%.

Why wouldn't you use it ? It is puzzling to me.

Anyway, if anyone knows of examples where DR has been set above 100%, I'd love to hear from you.

As an example, and below, is one example from the LensTip site.

First, the image as shot and at a 100% view in Photoshop. This is then followed by the image after some 'bullying' in post process to try and pull back some of the highlights.

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  1. I have to say that the image itself looks nice even at base Dr%. However I had a look at the original at LensTip, and I think that the image is fairly soft in the focus. There seems to be a fair amount of clumpiness to the hair as well.I wonder if this is a jpeg engine thing or maybe the camera just wasnt set quite right. Given all the hype and price my expectation of the X100 would be a lot higher than I'm seeing in those images. I think Hugo did a better job with the camera in some respects. Still its early days and we shouldnt be to critical just yet now should we :)

  2. Ralph, Hi.

    There have been some excellent images posted by some. Hugo and Mio Cade are just two who spring to mind.

    I have downloaded most of the LensTip images and they look quite good, except for the DR in some. They also stated the images were shot with in-camera sharpening set low.

    What I am seeing is that there is a lot of detail, the lens shows imperceptible distortion and the images can be sharpened very well.

    It is early days and as more use it I think we will see some who can truly extract it's capabilities.


  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)