Thursday, 10 March 2011

FujiFilm F550 EXR - Some User Images

Someone sent me a link to some more FujiFilm F550 EXR images. The first three panoramas, through the snow images, to the one of the Coke can are from the F550 EXR.

Click here

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  1. Found this page before buying my F550EXR and wanted to share my first impressions as well. I am a beginner, read a lot about A-Mode, S-Mode and how to use what. Tried around a lot with EXR modes, Dynamic Range modes etc.
    But... see it yourself:

  2. Rene, Hi.

    Some very nice images there. I have added a link in the F550 EXR Related Posts index linking back to your images.

    Have fun with it.