Monday, 7 March 2011

FujiFilm F550 EXR - Related Posts Index

The FujiFilm F550 EXR is starting to show up on other sites and with sample images.

Just to try and keep track of it all, I have created this index to my own posts and will add to it as I find more to post about.

2011 - New Fuji Models

First Sample Images Released

Sample Images From Hugo Poon

Sample Images From Japan

More Sample Images From Hugo Poon

User Images

Samples On Japanese Blog

More Samples From Poland

FujiFilm RFC EX - Raw File Converter

Using The FujiFilm RFC EX

External Posts

Some F550 Pix from Rene' Weber




  1. Hi Dave,
    Here You've got first impressions of f550exr (google translation: )
    We've got some new pics, also 3 RAFs. Most of them are absolutely amazing, some are disappointing. CMOS stabilisation looks great (even 15x zoom pics look not bad). DR mode doesn't make differences to HR (maybe because of such landscapes?), it's a pity there is no SN mode samples (in my opinion the most useful mode). And of course there are only winter mountain landscapes (not the best for compact cameras), I can't wait for samples showing other EXR themes (green landscape, sunset, night shoot, portrait, night portrait etc.)
    PS nice blue sky colour :-)

  2. Kaspric, Hi.

    Many thanks for the link(s).


  3. It would be helpful if these had a "date added" to show when you added the link, so that we know if we've visited before. Or are they listed in order?

  4. Dov, Hi. Yes, they are listed in order. Cheers.