Tuesday, 8 February 2011

FujiFilm X100 - Sample Images

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For all who have been waiting for sample images from the FujiFilm X100, there are now some available at Fuji's X100 web site.

Have a look here

I have already downloaded a few and played with them in SilkyPix DS Pro. Impressive.

Update : I have now downloaded all the current Fuji X100 colour samples, not the black and white, and I have the following comments :
  • All shot as Jpeg and not passed through an image processor or edited
  • All are shot in Provia film simulation mode
  • All are shot at ISO 200
  • All are shot at DR 100%
  • Most shot in Aperture Priority mode
  • Exposure compensation + or - was used on almost all images
  • Exposure mode was 'pattern' (multi)
  • WB was set to Auto, except for the two cat shots (flash used) and the bright coloured flower shots (fine weather)
  • Settings such as sharpness, colour are set to standard or normal
  • Flash was used on the two cat shots
Note : All the above is easily determined from FinePix Viewer

I have also run all the colour images through both SilkyPix DS Pro and or Photoshop :
  • I can see some slight CA (easily fixed) on a couple of the images
  • All images sharpen very well
  • Edge to edge sharpness at small apertures (say f 8.0) is very good
  • Red channel clips slightly when the Fine Weather WB is used but, again, easily corrected
I am looking forward to seeing some images with DR used correctly, different film simulations and, above all, some Raw files.

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