Friday, 11 February 2011

FujiFilm HS-20 EXR First Image Released

FujiFilm Japan has released the first official sample from the HS-20 EXR.

The link is here

I downloaded it and ran it through my normal editing routine. A little contrast and colour adjustment and a small amount of sharpening.

Comes up well.

Keep in mind that this is shot at base ISO and also without any of the EXR sensor DR adjustments applied.

The original image.

My edit.

The original left and my edit compared. This is simply a screenshot from PhotoShop and is shown at the actual default print size.




  1. Only 1 image, we need more to confirm it is what it is. I hope HS 20 will improve over start time and focus manual len tube smooth adjustment speed.

  2. Lookie, Hi.

    FujiFilm have only released one, to date.